Job Responsibilities
Make outgoing calls to UK/USA /AUS customers for our client products and generate leads or sale for them. Leads could be for BankLoan/Solar Energy/Energy Savings/Insurance/ DME Braces and what ever the client will ask for. Answer back to back calls and resolve issues in a remote environment. Build a strong relationship with your customer When they hang up with you, they will have their issue completely resolved, and remember the great service they received. Resolve the problem quickly and ensure situation does not escalate. Speaking clearly with empathy in both positive and negative situations. Some form,t the my have suffered alteration in some form,andomised words Communicate clearly and effectively. Multi-task while on the phone – resolve the issue while maintaining a short call time. Resolves routine, general questions and problems submitted by customers, physician offices, patients and third party vendors via different sources with limited variety following established guidelines and standard SOPs and procedures. Utilizes all available information to choose the best solution and resolve customer concerns. Directs complex questions and problems to more senior staff level. Uses a computer application to log and track inquiries, as well as, to check the status of items that require follow-up or involvement of other parties. Documents contact interactions, records details, complaints, comments and actions taken. Coordinates with other functional areas as necessary. Refers unresolved escalated issues as designated by the departments for further investigation. Contacts customers, physician's office, patient or third party vendor to respond to inquiries or to notify them of investigation results and planned adjustments. Handles inquiries for one or more lines of business. Confers with internal and/or external customers in order to provide information about products and/or services such as processing customer requests, orders, canceling accounts or obtaining details of complaints over the phone, by email, live chat, social media or other method of communication. Resolves customer questions and concerns effectively and efficiently by actively listening, communicating clearly and concisely, and assuring customer understanding. Ensures customer satisfaction and loyalty by consulting with customers, assisting customers, and resolving a wide variety of customer requests, inquiries, and complaints. Documents customer interactions and transactions, recording details of inquiries, complaints, comments and actions taken, to include Adverse Events. Provides prompt and accurate service to promote customer loyalty for the client. Obtains and examines all relevant information to assess validity of complaints and to determine possible causes. May make outbound calls related to the product or service, and/or in follow-up to a customer inquiry. Ensures that production and quality expectations are achieved and meet or exceed all client contractual requirements.
Key Factors for Success
Do you hear someone’s situation and are able to put yourself in their shoes? Do you go out of your way to help others? Are you able to be the voice of the company? Do you stay calm in escalated customer situations? When you get stressed, are you able to maintain your neutral point of view? Do you stay calm under pressure? Are you organized and efficient?

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